Bike the Beav

Grass Roots trail party and unRace



Come explore new trails by testing your legs and your luck in an UnRace.

All proceeds to be dedicated to local trail maintenance in 2019 Season.

Beyond good times, community, and a celebration of the 5 miles of great singletrack we’ve built together, this event is here to raise funds to improve maintenance and care of our local trail networks.

The Trails Cache and Cache Trails Alliance 501c3 have organized this event to raise funds that will directly fund Utah Conservation Corps Crews maintaining and improving trails we know and love in the 2019 season.  Purchase your ticket today for a chance to help us prioritize which trail care projects get dedicated work crews next year.

And none of this would be possible without our very generous sponsors. A big thanks to all of the community and industry businesses that have chipped in to make this even a success. 


Gold Level Sponsors



Silver Level Sponsors



10am, Saturday October 13th, 2018 


Beaver Mountain
40000 E Highway 89

Garden City, UT 




What is an UnRace?

An un race is a fun race.

Instead of being tested on how fast you can go, you’ll be challenged to several feats of strength -  which will be a simple tasks that are a
bit silly, a bit fun, and far more memorable than crossing the finish line 3 seconds faster or slower than someone else did.  

WIth an UnRace, there is plenty of time for pictures. There is time to wait for your friends, or even re-ride that one segment of trail that is tempting you to come back and conquer it. 

With an UnRace, it’s not about who you’re faster or slower than,it’s about the laughter, memories, and friends that you leave the course with. 

The Rules

All participants will:

- Required to ride 4 laps - a full 20 miles, but do it at your own pace.. Kids (12 and under) are required to ride 1 lap,

- Required to collect 4 playing cards through these laps, one at each 'feat of strength' checkpoint. 

- Collect 1 more playing card upon finishing. 

- Best poker hands win the best prizes. If you're no cardshark, just reference the chart below.  



The Prizes

Water bottles, helmets, tshirts, and so much more.  Check back soon to learn about some of the great prize packages you can win by simply participating!


The Food

Most of us, after UnRacing for 20 miles, will be hungry. Well your ticket buys you some amazing food thanks to our generous sponsorship from Off Premise Catering. Heck, you could come just for the food, and consider your UnRace event as a free gift with your great meal that supports trails. Come eat with us, and make some new friends, and roll back down the canyon with a happy belly and good memories - a belly full and memories that support local trail maintenance.


 photo credit so.pow marketing

photo credit so.pow marketing


5.2 miles of hand built, fun and flowing, love infused trail.  

Want to pre-ride the course? Go ahead - it's open to the public and as a brand new trail, could always use a few more feet and wheels tamping it down.  Just note the location for public parking as clearly indicated, and say thanks to the Seeholzers for permitting this great trail on Beaver Mountain if you see them around.  

On the day of the UnRace, we'll be running participants counter clockwise on the course, and you've gotta finish 4 laps to complete the event.  


Getting There:

Google maps will direct you to the site if you set “Beaver Mountain Ski
” as your address, or you can get technical and put 40000 East
Highway 89, Garden City UT 84023 in your navigation machine.

For out of towners, plan on driving US89 east of Logan for about 45 minutes
before making a right hand turn towards the summit, towards Beaver
Mountain. We’ll see you there!


Volunteers Needed

We're looking for some help both during race day and leading up to this one of a kind event. Please get in touch if you can help with any of the following roles, and we'd love to thank you with a limited edition 'singletrack supporter' tshirt, while supplies last.  


- Day of photo-documentarian

- Day of 'Feat of Strength' Checkpoint volunteers (note - must have contagious sense of fun and tomfoolery)

- Day of course setup and teardown

- Day of registration

- Event promotion, marketing, and sponsorship outreach



Registration Details 

Check back here in Spring 2018 for a Live link to tickets.

Adults - $40 

KIDS (12 and Under) - One free ticket with each adult purchase. 

If you want to pay with credit card, please pre-register.  Day of entries will be allowed, but cash or check only.